Builders and General Contractors

 Is This Discoloration or Odor Biological ?What Is The Source Of This Contamination?

 If We Have It tested Are We Required to Disclose The results​?

- If We Keep working will We Contaminate or Cross-Contaminate Other Un Affected Areas?

- Should We Remove It Ourselves or Call A Professional?

- How Quickly Can SafeHouse Clean it Up? 

- Are My Employees At Risk of Getting Sick, Should We Be Wearing Masks?

- Can SafeHouse Isolate/ Contain or Remove The Source So It Will NOT GROW BACK?

As Your Environmental Consultant we'll provide

a Confidential Assessment determine quickly if the Discoloration is Non-Biological and the construction process can continue without risk of contamination and worker safely. 

Property and Residence Managers

​Is This Discoloration or Odor Biological?

​-What Is The Source/ Cause Of This -Contamination?

-Are My Residents At Risk, are their Personal items, furniture, clothing Also Affected?

-Can SafeHouse Contain The Problem so Our Resident can remain Safely or Will this Require a --"Short-Term Relocation?

-If We Wait will We Contaminate or Cross Contaminate Other Un Affected Areas?

-Can We Safely Remove It Ourselves or Do We Call SafeHouse?

-How Quickly Can SafeHouse Clean it Up?

SafeHouse WILL answer ALL these questions Quickly and Confidentially

As Your Environmental Consultant SafeHouse will Make Your Property A Priority, Provide the Utmost Care and Confidentiality AND  Work Closely with your Maintenance Department to follow  appropriate  Procedure.   


 Call or text photos to mike daddario @ 1 216-246-3156 today!

"Helping YOU keep YOUR CUSTOMERS SAFE  while work continues."

Remodelors/Restoration Tradesman​

Did you know you could be held responsibile?

If you uncover or ignore existing contamination from water, moisture, condensation, or mold. 

If left untreated, it WILL lead to further damage, additional surface growth, or cross-contamination from airborne spores...

Did you know you could be held responsibile?

If your employees, customers, or others they care for become ill from mold exposure conditions that originated at the job site...

Even if mold existed before your arrival...

SafeHouse Assessor will  arrive TODAY, determine if the Property Has potential biological contamination and if the construction or restoration process can begin or continue safely wihout Liability.