safehouse will arrive today + Provide a confidential assessment + determine the biology + identify the source + isolate, remove and verify the problem is resolved and get you back to work


  •  24-Hour turn around for lab-sample analysis. Identify air or surface contamination levels or genus.

  •  Accredited third party documentation and​                   E- verification.

  • We Can deal with your customer if necessary, SafeHouse Has Worked With Builders, Property Managers, General Contractors, Tradesman and Their Customers for Years.

  •  A fully trained and licensed mold remediation work-force to handle large or small remediation projects Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Municipal.​

STEP three​

Create a Safe, Non-Toxic, Step-by-Step Treatment Plan that SafeHouse can Implement Quickly to Repair the Source, Remove the Contamination, Verify Results, Prevent Future Contamination and get Residents, Staff and Your Employees Back to Work Safely

Chad buchanan

Water Restoration Specialist. Chad has an undergraduate degree in Biology, is our insurance estimator and manages our Emergency Response and Structural Drying needs.

Ruben gomez

Environmental Technician. Ruben is well-trained, knowledgeable and has worked for SafeHouse 4-years now.

Mike Daddario

Founder. He is Licensed as both  CCMA Assessor (Inspections and Testing) and CCMR Remediator by the State of Florida serving NE OH for over 10 yrs.

 Call: 1 216-246-3156

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Isolate Area, Install Air Filtration and Environmental Control  and Determine If Residents, Staff can remain Safely or  Will this Require a --"Short-Term Relocation", While Your Workers Finish the Project Safely without Damage to Property & Contents.

"Promoting and  Prioritizing Indoor Environmental Safety."


Determine if The Odor and or Discoloration is Biological. Identify the Source or Cause of Contamination. Determine if the Property Residents, Staff and or Your Workers are at Risk from Contamination or Cross Contamination.

meet our team

  •  Technology, experience, credentials and the appropriate insurance to protect your company.

  •  A 4-hour emergency response for your project managers and field supervisors.

  •  The newest technology available for on-the-spot assessment and diagnosis to determine if contamination exists.

  •  The appropriate field equipment, HEPA air filtration and quick barriers to isolate or contain areas expected to have biological growth.

  •  Infrared, borescope, protimeter and other technologies to identify moisture and points of moisture intrusion where growth is suspected or has potential to grow.

Christian Daddario

Project Manager. He is Well Trained, Polite and Very Experienced. Christian has worked for SafeHouse his whole adult life. 7-Years now.

Nancy Sharber

Founder.  If you have a question concerning water damage or suspect you have mold at your job site please give us a call so we can help.