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Remodelers and Tradesman  You could be held responsibile If you uncover or ignore existing contamination from water, moisture, condensation, or mold. Don't become responsible for conditions that may have existed before your work began. Keep your Workers, Customers and the property Safer. Prevent Contamination and Cross-Contamination. Call SafeHouse Today!

General Contractors and Builders If YOU keep working you could contaminate or cross-contaminate other un- affected areas.   Call today and ask SafeHouse for a FREE Same-Day Asessment at the job site. One visit today can answer all your questions.                               Property and Resident Managers  We'll deal With residents delicately and respect their home. We work closely with your Maintenance Department, complete appropriate paperwork and follow proper procedures    As your Indoor Environmental Consultant , SafeHouse will make your property our priority, reduce risks from exposure and provide the utmost care and confidentiality to promote your firms Indoor Health and Environmental Policy with your residents.   

nancy sharber

CCMA/ CCMR Licensed Mold Assessor, President.


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chad buchanan

Restoration Manager and Field Supervisor.



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SafeHouse Solutions provides "only" the very-best Indoor Environmental professionals experienced and knowledgeable in exactly how to help Construction, Remodeling and Property professionals facing possible problems from mold.  Certified in the IICRC s500 for Water Damage, Structural Drying and the s520, we are also Licensed for Mold Inspection and Testing and Removal.

SafeHouse follows the guidelines established by the IIICRC for water mitigation/ structural drying to stop and prevent future mold.    For existing mold conditions we use plant based antimicrobials, deploy the "Least Destructive" mitigation process to get you back to work without incurring financial responsibility.


​​SafeHouse Solutions, LLC will respond to your call or text TODAY No-Charge!   We will visit your job-site Today. Your Licensed (FLA) Assessor available in N.E. Ohio is Mike Daddario.   He will help determine the cause using technology, prevent additional contamination, write a treatment plan, and where applicable document pre-existing conditions.  

 property and resident managers

remodelers/ restoration and tradesman

mold Inspection


mike daddario

CCMA/ CCMR Council

Certified Mold Assessor and Remediator.


  • Limit Your Liability
  • Document Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Prevent Wide-Spread Contamination
  • Reduce Your Risk From Exposure
  • Promote Environmental Responsability

christian daddario

Project Manager and Field Supervisor.


  • Mold Inspection
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Lab-Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Environmental Consulting

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 Is This Black Mold?

Answer, Black Mold is a generic term.   Often used to refer to a specific genus (type) of mold Stachybotrys Chatarum commonly linked to illness.  However, there are actually 9 types of mold that produce Mycotoxins and they do NOT need to appear black in color.   For more information on "other molds" and which mycotoxin each produces according to the NIH, CDC, HHS, FDA, and WHO and the specific illnesses associated to each mold type go to

Do I have Mold or is this just Mildew?

Is the Mold Toxic?

Is Mold testing really necessary?

Will this Mold Make us Sick?

Can I Use Bleach on This?

Should we be Wearing Mask's?

Is the Resident at Risk?

 Answer- Ask SafeHouse.

With One-Visit, Your SafeHouse Assessor can answer ALL These Questions.   In N.E. Ohio call or text Mike Daddario

@ 1 216-246-3156. Mike WILL visit your Job Site, Office, Residence or Property TODAY!